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When and Where Should You Be Posting As A Business!

As a business the hardest part might be finding where to post and when! I am here to give you a quick guide to that. Some platforms differ in the quality of posts and some differ in the audience you are posting in front of.

The age range of Facebook and who is looking at it and when is completely different than what is on Twitter. You brand might not work for both and your content might need to be adjusted if you do decide that both are right for you.

When we look at Facebook let's look at the age range of those who are on it. Users that are between 25–34 years are the largest demographic. While this may be the age range, 86% of internet users with $100k+ income use Facebook. That is why it is so important to do your research when finding out what platform is going to give you the most bang for you buck. In the Diagram below, follow the strategy of Tuesday and Wednesday is great to post Business to Business posts and Wednesday-Saturday post Business to Consumer posts.

Let's check out Twitter. Twitter global audience is composed of 38.5 percent of users aged between 25 and 34 years old. The second-largest age group demographic on the platform was represented by users aged between 35 and 49 years old, with a share of almost 21 percent. If you follow our strategy, you should be posting multiple times a day but during down work hours. Before work or after work hours in your local area. If you are national, you should be going of CST.

With Instagram it can be tricky depending on your industry. You really should be posting at least daily but posting Business to Business or Business to Consumer content should follow the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday strategy. There are 1.2 billion unique visitors that are active on Instagram. Here is the percentage breakdown via Hootsuite. 18-24 years old: 67% -- 25-34 years old: 60% -- 35-44 years old: 49% -- 45-54 years old: 43% --55+ years old: 31%.

51% are female and 49% are male. Where does your Ideal customer lay? Are they in high in these precentages? If not, maybe insta isn't for you.

Linked In. If you are a business and you consider yourself elite and professional you should have a Linked In page. It shows legitamacy to potential clients and transparency for those users. LinkedIn has over 740 million users in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe. 57 percent of LinkedIn users are male and 43 percent are female. 37 percent of US adults who use LinkedIn are between 30 and 49 years old. Even if you are not extremely active on this you need to keep your business up-to-date on here and make sure your business stays relevant and valid.

Lastly, Pinterest. This is no longer for the Diy-er. With almost 500 Million users and growing year after year this is where you should be placing your ads. 77.1% of Pinterest audiences are female. If your audience if women, you are missing out on a huge market here. 200.8 Million users can be reached through an ad on Pinterest. This is an opportunity you should not be passing on.

While I constantly say you should be visible and create a wide audience, I do think you should find one or two (three if you feel like you can take that on) platforms to run. I run most of my clients on two. They are all on Facebook and IG or IG and Twitter or Linked In and Pinterest, We run them depending on where they will get the most reach and where their reach will be accepted the best.

Are you needing more help with this? I would love to chat with you! Please sign up for a free Calendly meeting with me! it's 30 minutes to go over your current strategy and what I think you could work on. The whole meeting is about you and guess what, no strings attached and NO SALES PITCH! Click here to Schedule it!

Thanks Everyone for reading! -Jana

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