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Jana Peterson

Meet the Chief Dream Weaver

Hello! I'm Jana Peterson, the heart and soul behind Rvampp Marketing, where I serve as the Founder & CEO. My journey began with a simple dream that quickly ignited into a purpose-driven venture, fueled by passion and a love for storytelling.


What started as a desire to bring narratives to life has transformed into a vibrant enterprise, embarking on a journey with a diverse range of clients—from passion projects to corporate ventures—helping them tell their unique stories and bring their brands to vivid life.

I have always been captivated by the power of words, finding joy in crafting sentences that transcend the confines of the page. As Rvampp evolved, it became more than just a business; it grew into a central part of life for me, my husband, and our three daughters. Along the way, I discovered my unique ability to weave stories into effective marketing strategies, turning engaging narratives into tangible profits.

What truly energizes me is the privilege of meeting incredible individuals along the way. Their stories, insights, struggles, and triumphs have not only shaped Rvampp but have profoundly influenced my own perspective on life. Each client brings a new set of building blocks for growth, both personally and professionally.

I am immensely proud of what Rvampp has become and am passionate about sharing this journey. At its core, our mission is about telling your story, and I am honored to play a part in bringing those stories to the forefront. Here's to the many narratives we will unfold together, turning each vision into a lasting legacy.

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