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What Makes People Share Your Content?

While social media is often for looking at pictures and scrolling through fun content there actually is a science to it. There is a reason behind what makes people share and it’s important to create the right type of content for that!

Which following would you think makes the most sense for you to share?

  • Social Currency

    • People love to share things that make themselves and others feel good. They love to make themselves look funny, smart and in the know. It is this that is the idea of social media currency. You followers and likes are the dollars and cents that make you go!

  • Triggers

    • Keeping your brand on the top of your audience’s minds is a priority. So your content needs to reveal that as well. What is it that makes people think about your brand? Is it a symbol or a food or a time of day or an exercise? Let’s say you run a yoga studio. You want them to always have a trigger of your brand whenever they think of Yoga. Even when buying yoga pants you want them envisioning themselves doing yoga in your studio while buying them.

  • Emotions

    • When we care, We share. When you love something you want others to love it as well. When something makes you laugh out loud or feel angry or irate or totally and completely in awe. You want to have others feel that same way. What can you post that will get your audience’s pulse rate up and feel big emotions about your content?

  • Public

    • Built to show, Built to grow. Public advertising. Having your logo on everything will allow it to be shared and you will gain exposure without even trying. Every time your logo is seen it is another chance to gain a connection. Whether this is in content, through email, digital business cards, etc. You need to brand everything!

  • Practical Value

    • News you can use. Coming across to your audience as useful and helpful they will be more likely to share it. If it comes from a valuable and reliable source you will create a reputation that they will want to follow for a wealth of information.

  • Stories

    • Nope, not IG stories! While those are great, we are meaning storytelling! If you tell a great story of a client experience that will be remembered far longer than the statistics or data you might be sharing. Even a fictitious family you create into a social media campaign will be memorable. Creating a plot for them to follow is a great tool to create a memorable brand.

Please reach out if you have any more questions or would like content on a certain topic! I would love to chat about all of it! Send me a email, a DM, shoot me a text or give me a call! I would love to hear from you!

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