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What is True Success? That is today's homework

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

I was talking with a friend a while back and they had asked me if my business was successful. I responded with, "I feel like it." I went home that night and really thought about whether I thought I was successful. I knew my business was growing, I knew my clients were happy and I was getting referrals from each of them. My bank account felt healthy and my bucket seemed full.

However, is that true success to me? Is success only about making my clients happy and creating a business bigger and bigger?

I found out that I needed to write down a list as to what it meant to be successful to me.

My list surprised me because while I loved creating a great experience for my clients and feeling accomplished in business.

My family has never needed fancy vacations or the newest items but we did need family time and time with friends. I wanted to keep this business small and keep keep it manageable while I was still in the thick of it with young kids. However, I found out I was good at this pretty quickly. As a stay at home mom at the time I was shocked! I kept collecting clients and meeting and networking and found out I loved it! However, that is not what drives me. so without further ado, my definition of success...

  • I can create my own schedule and make time for clients when they need it

  • I can create my own schedule for my kids and family.

  • I am in control of how much money I make

  • I don't spend time commuting to the office everyday

  • I get to support the business and people I choose

  • I can fit recreational activities into daily life because my schedule allows it

  • I make my own rules for my business and assure that my clients and myself are satisfied

So my question for you is what is your definition of success? What makes you wake up and start working every single day! Everyone is chasing success. But, we all have a different view of what that means!

Are you successful?


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