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Rules of Social Media Engagement

Depending on the type of content and Brand voice you are using you need to create a set of rules and stick to them. Creating this will allow you to understand that whomever is running your social media for the time being will follow the same engagement rules throughout the platforms.

These rules can be simple but need to be clean cut and easy to understand and follow. I use these on my platforms because I feel they attract the audience the best and I believe that there is such a thing as social media manners.

  • The first guideline I use is pretty simple. Never swear. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandmother you shouldn’t say it on your business page. Not in your content and not in the discussion. Swearing shows that you are unprofessional and you are creating a casual environment to care for your clients. Your clients are not your friends, You need to show your best side.

  • Rule number two I follow: Never bring your company into a discussion that is disruptive and controversial. Unless your company voice to is add to those conversations, stay out of them. You will automatically split your audience in two and you will alienate half your clientele. Stay away from it.

  • Three: Never badmouth the competition or another person. Obviously your company outshines the rest. You may even have had bad experiences with another company or an individual but if you highlight that on your business page you will only be looked down upon. There are so many ways to make your company look good, don’t go out of your way to look bag.

  • Number four goes along with number three. Do not argue with another company. Whether it is over policies, practices, products or what kind of toothbrushes they use. Never start an argument and never respond when an argument arises.

  • Next is number five. Deal with all complaints as if they were complaining directly in front of you. This can be hard. It can be easy to see a complaint and set it aside in the messages. You need to grab that as if someone is standing at your front door complaining. Take care of it promptly and correctly.

  • Lastly, Do not shout in capital letters. SALE STARTS TODAY! This is annoying to your audience. Use a few emojis but you are a business. This isn’t a text you are sending to your friend. Sell your content in a professional manner.

Thanks for being here! Jana

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