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Promotional strategies to get your customers to spend more money!

It’s no secret, we all want to sell more. We want our customers banging on the windows to get in and filling their carts with as much brand contents as possible. Especially during the Holiday sale season we tend to grasp at easy promotions and sale ideas that may not pan out. Often we overcompensate or under promote to get where we need to be. I am going to tell you a little story about a little boutique in my area that does the best promotional sale out of everyone I know. It’s where a lot of my paycheck goes and I am not even embarrassed about it because it is well deserved.

I started going to this little location a few years ago. I signed up for their rewards member card for free and started gaining points when I shopped (already I was hooked because the points were easy to grab and distributed quickly). Then, I became a preferred member, I paid for this. This elite group was given special coupons in the mail, early bird sale events, member only merchandise and more. I was paying far less for the membership than I was saving while spending there. Then came to their yearly sale, ALL products marked down. New season items and past season items as well! The kicker, paid members got to shop a day early. You better believe I was in line that day to shop. During that sale a surprise is usually added on to that sale (a special discount, a free item, a coupon for a later date…).

Ending story, This boutique makes more money in one sale alone than they spend on promotions and marketing for the whole year. They have created brand advocates by promoting correctly and creating incentive programs year-round.

Here is the need to know from that:

4 promotional strategies you can use to get your customers to spend more and spend more often!

  1. Make your offer too good to be true. Sure, the sale with discounted rates is done and done again but giving paid members who have benefited all year already a chance to shop first is a huge benefit. Plus they get a discount on top of that! I have said it before and I’ll say it again, always over-deliver for your clients. It will create advocates.

    1. Question you need to ask yourself and your business: How can you transfer this into your brand? What spin can you put on offers that will stand out? How can your business stand out from your competitors in this busy time of year?

  2. Incentivize what you want. Remember the boutique showed members and non-members why it is so important to be a paid member. With the emails, the mailer and in-store promotions everyone knew why they needed to pay to get the best of the best. It is important to have your brand at the forefront but your real investment here is the membership because that will be paid all year long and they will come all year long.

    1. Questions you need to ask yourself and your business: What are some high-ticket offers or products that will be an incentive for people to pay for? That will be the brand item you will want to use to sell the promotion.

  3. Reward your loyalty. This is one of the most key marketing strategies lost on most companies. They want to bring in more and more customers and in turn, they forget the current loyal customers. By creating a loyalty program you are giving them the chance to come back again and again. Do you research, what are they buying, what do that want, why are they coming back?

    1. Questions you need to ask yourself and your business: How can you incentivize your current customers to come back and buy again and again. Are you offering new and exciting products that will bring excitement to them?

  4. Build excitement and urgency. SALE TODAY! You have seen it everywhere. But you as a company need to build up to that. You need to not make it just about your sale but about the products, the service, the members loyalty. Send out a buyers guide to what is in-store for them, have a sneak-peek day (no purchasing but a general meet and greet with food and drinks), create a virtual experience for them to look through the store.

    1. Questions you need to ask yourself and your business: If you are excited about this, your customers will be too. How can you show that hype to them? Think creatively and resourcefully.

I know this seems a little overwhelming to think about but I am 100% sure you are capable of this. If you are just too overwhelmed or too busy but these ideas are just right for your business please reach out! I am here to support you! I would love to help and get you through the tough part of the holiday season and beyond! Send me an email or chat with me over a free Zoom meeting!

Talk soon!


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