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How to Inspire With Your Content

It is impossible to talk about building your online community and social media platforms without talking about the emotions we want to create with the things we do. We all want people to feel a certain way when they think about our brands, our products, ourselves, our content… However, unless you really know how to make that happen you will miss out on the most powerful parts of creating content and marketing.

The internet is a plethora of useless information about every possible subject. Did you know you can find UFO insurance on the internet? I digress. If you want to learn to bake a cake, google it and all the sudden you can go all out with Betty Crocker. If you want to learn how change a tire… Bam Mario Andretti is asking for you to be on his pit crew. What I’m saying is that there is no shortage of information out there. You can find absolutely anything by just googling it. That is why it is about the emotion that you are creating with the content. You need to create emotion on every post, regularly, every single day, until it’s a habit.

Okay okay okay, I get it, Easier said than done right? How do you actually make people feel something from a graphic or a phrase? You need to think about more than just transferring information from your business to your audience. Emotion helps them maintain the message longer and will create an image in their brain.

First you need to Distill your message. It needs to be tightened up to the shortest, sharpest thing possible. Do not drag the headline out to the point where people get bored reading halfway through it. On average the United States has a reading level of 7th grade. Keep the information straight forward and easily understood.

Discover the core emotion behind the message. If you are looking for Joy as the emotion you are trying to grasp, make sure you are not aiming at gratitude or happiness. Find the emotion you are looking for FIRST then create the message.

Deliver this feeling over and over again from multiple angles. Begin with real subtlety. Create wonder as you talk about how others have dealt with a problem or how great, unexpected success occurred when a customer was in trouble and used your product. Act as though you are telling a lifelong story and that you believe this story will live on.

Combine delivering the message over and over with detailed examples of how it happened. Do not make the mistake of providing only inspirational content or motivational messages. Your audience needs to feel like there is some grounding in what you are saying. Use actual examples to provide a strong foundation for your audience, it will help them come along for the brand’s ride.

Lastly, Practice a lot. Actually a ton. You are not going to come out of the gate inspiring audiences and creating an intense amount of emotion. It takes trial and error both in-person and online. You need to use your audience to read their emotions and respond back with more content.

Do not, I REPEAT, do not create an entire campaign before trying out the first pieces or two. If it falls flat and you spent months creating content for you will be out months and not content. You need to take an emotion filled piece of content and attempt to deliver it in many different ways to see how your audience reacts.

Here is the example:

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