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How to Find the Bigger Idea Behind Your Brand?

Your customers are buying from you for a reason. Whether it’s the products you are selling, the services you provide them, the personal exchange and emotions they feel when in contact with your brand. Now you need to know why they are buying from you. What is working and what is something you need to work harder on?

Collecting data and looking at your feedback is a great way to get better insights into how and why your customers are using your products. Feedback is such an important part of running a business. If you think that just making sales is going to keep you afloat you are sadly mistaken. Just a few hints are here for you if you need em’

  1. If your small business is sold on Amazon, Etsy or some other secondary site, pay attention to the reviews. Especially Amazon. They do a great job of reminding buyers to write a review and the reviewers are great about explaining in detail about your product and the process in buying that product. After a customer review, always follow up with that review. Reply with a comment whether it is positive or negative feedback. For negative feedback it will show to other customers and to this customer you are willing to right the wrong and learn from the mistakes. If you are getting positive feedback responding to their review will help them build a trust within your brand.

  2. Create a Company Blog and/or Customer forum. This is a great place for your customers to let you know what they want from you. They will also feel like they have your support just because you offer this platform for them. This is also a great way to get information directly to your clients and have an engaging dialog with them about your products, service or brand.

  3. Keep your Emails open, your phone number set-up and your mailbox ready. Typically, customers will contact you either when they are having an issue with your product or service or they are over the moon with your brand. In either case, you want to hear from them. Give them any access they can to contact you. It will suit you well.

  4. Talk to your customer support team. In some cases, with small businesses, that might be you! Make sure you are making changes or adapting to the feedback you are getting. What issues are continuously popping up? How are your customers using your product? Is it how you were expecting? If not, re-market and you will sell more!

With all of these ideas what we are really looking for is how your customers are reacting to your brand. What is important to them and what you are doing about it. These steps will help you get an idea but what you do with those ideas are what really matters. If you continuously get complaints about a product and you don’t change it, it will damage your brand. If you have customers who are delighted with a service and you are not highlighting that service, you are also damaging your brand. Listen to your customers and your brand insights and numbers will thank you!


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