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How To Create Brand Loyalty

When I began looking at how brands market themselves I learned some brands connected with their customers on a deeper level than just selling products made all the difference. The more I understood why some brands were making it with large fan bases and some brands fell flat with one and done customers.

The answer is simple. Customers want more from a brand than just a a product. If you are not willing to give them a connection and an experience while delivering a product than you will always lose out to a company that can provide that. The best thing you can do to begin down this road is to stop thinking of your audience as customers and start thinking of them as brand fans. If you only want customers, that is what you are going to get. You are going to get someone to buy a product and that will be it. If you want a fan you will get loyal customer who advocates for your brand and sells it to someone else because of their referral.

Check out the graph to explain this better. The bottom represents brand loyalty and the side represents the size of their market. Most companies are focused on funneling in new clients. The size of the market for new customers is huge! This is why brands are always attracted to that type of clientele. Don't get me wrong gaining new clients is always an important especially when the fish in that sea are so plentiful. However, you need to consider this. The biggest group is also the one with the lowest loyalty. You will need to work extra hard to get that audience into being fans. Right now, those people are indifferent, at best, to your brand. So even if you can encourage them to buy a product or service of yours there is no guarantee that you can hold them past the initial purchase.

This is also why the cost of gaining a new client is so much higher than retaining the clients you currently have. Lets head back up to this graph. why do you think you should be focused on Brand Advocates? Brands should be far more focused on the X axis. This is where their product and services get the best band for their buck. If you create a loyal fan, along comes, sales, reviews, referrals, resales and more! That will bring far more in than the effort you are putting in to grab that one client from the large market group!

So I leave you with this... While you can have a million followers but unless they buy something from you, you are still at zero. Same goes for fans. If you have ten customers and they all buy one thing you have sold ten items. However, if you have 10 fans and those fans buy, tell someone else to buy and re-buy themselves you will be making more just by keeping the fans you already have! Build those relationships, create those personal connections and bring valuable and positive information to your fans.

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