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Do you have too many great ideas?

I recently had a client who came to me for a short period of time and they just needed a little help with starting their business. They needed a business plan, Branding, Social Media help and just a little help with content ideas. Great! We went to work. We quickly learned she had a zillion ideas and was talented in a ton of ways! She wanted to create sales, coupons, products, she wanted to collaborate with different entrepreneurs, all while working on her website and doing product and logo design for her new brand… those are just a few things she had in store for the first week of her start-up. However, starting a business and wanting to do it all in the first two weeks was overwhelming for me as her coach and her as the owner.

I am guilty of this as well! I want to be all on social media outlets, have a blog, start a newsletter, create a podcast… all while having a full load of clients to care for and make their experience with me flawless and unique. I have too many ideas in the fire and I end up feeling exhausted and defeated because I set crazy goals for myself that I cannot succeed at. That is why it is so important to find the main ideas for your Brand and create goals from them!

Having too many ideas is a great problem. It is actually part of the process in creating a brand. The first thing you need to do is to create a list of all these ideas. Create a list that contains long-term ideas for your brand like collaborations and Brand Advocates and short term ideas like Social Media Names and a color palette. Pick an idea and work from there.

What you want to think about when starting to work on an idea is:

  • What value might it deliver to your Brand?

  • Does this idea fit into your mission and goal for this year and beyond?

  • Is this new idea revenue generating (or cost cutting) in the long run?

  • What will it take to launch this idea? (Time/Money/Resources)

  • Who in your company can run with this idea and see it through?

  • Do you have room for this idea and will you be able to continue at this capacity in the long run?

One of the hurdles you need to jump with each idea is longevity. Take your idea, Think it through, give it a pass through your brands framework and launch it into your platforms. Do you have enough time to get it off the ground? Is this idea only viable for a short term goal? Thinking through these ideas is a great way to weed through these opportunities and decide whether or not to give them a go.

With a bigger idea you can ask yourself if it fits into the story you intend to tell within your brand. If you plan on selling Business to Business and you have the idea to do a marketing collaboration that gears towards stay at home moms. You have geared towards the wrong audience and you are now selling to no one. Your big ideas need to mesh with the story you tell and the clients you are trying to reach. This sort of story-based thinking allows you to rule out some of those “too many ideas’ quickly and easily.

We have all heard this before but no idea is a bad idea. That is true except some of those ideas do not work well within your Brand. You need to continue to do Brand research and educate yourself on where and what your clients want.

Need help with figuring out your brand ideas and where to go next? I would love to talk with you! Send me an email and we can get started!

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