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Concepts Social Media has to Offer Your Business

We have talked about what platforms you should be on and how to find your target customers but what do you do when you have done all of that and now you are making decisions on how to allocate your resources. Become familiar with the tools that each platform has in place. This will make your job creating content a whole lot easier. However, this process can be extremely overwhelming. Try focusing on these concepts:

Listen Up: The best thing social media has to offer that we did not get before is the ability to listen to your customers. They respond publicly and you get to be in the front seat of all of that. All of that listening is FREE! This will keep you informed and help you create better, more valuable content to serve to your customers .This is not a new element that I am bringing to you today. If you have been following along I preach this weekly. Listen to your customers and you will create a lasting trust they hold for you and your company.

Pay up: When facebook first started I was in college. It was completely foriegn to me. It was truly a website (that’s right, not even an app had been imagined) to share photos. Since then it has become a hard core money maker. All social platforms are. The reality is, content that is worth creating and sharing is worth spending money to advertise. I am not a huge advocate of creating social media ads but I am an advocate of creating content worth a pretty penny. I spend hours on research, money on great applications and platform supports, and a good amount of income on design apps to help me create the graphics. This is important for me to create content that provides value to my audience.

Be Transparent: Honesty is a great sales pitch. However, only if you are actually honest. It sells like crazy. People want authenticity and transparency. Be open when you mess up and when things do not go as planned. As a consumer that is looking for your product, a situation that shows your positive reaction when a problem occurs is extremely attractive. As the person in your brand that is marketing, embrace this.

Be Responsive: When you are branding your business the world is talking about you and to you. You are a problem solver and your clients are looking towards you. Whether you are selling a product or a service your clients are looking to you to solve a pain point. They will talk to each other and they will talk to you. If you do not answer you are unresponsive. If you respond negatively, it will show. With every single response (public or private) it is an opportunity to engage and make an impression.

Lastly, Just Be Likeable: In the end, social media comes down to being likeable. There are two different aspects to this when it comes to a brand. Likeable business practices and likable content. Likeable business practices means the golden rule. Treating your customers the way you would like to be treated. Every single decision you make as a business should be made in regards to how it will affect your customers. Posting likeable content means that you are sharing updates and information on social media that makes customers hit that like, heart, share, bookmark… button. When creating likeable content always remember to respect and add value to the community you have made surrounding your brand.

Need some help? Want to know if this is the right content for your brand or if your content is coming off likeable? Tag me in the post or send it over to me and I will gladly take a look at it! My social media platforms that I tend to see the most activity on with this type of content is on Facebook (@rvamppbrandconsulting) and Instagram (@rvamppbranding).

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