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Becoming more connected to your audience

If you need to better understand who your customers and fans are you need to understand what motivates them and what they are looking for. Let's say you run a blog. One way to connect with customers and to have them follow you on your blog is to find out where they're spending their time online. Once you find them, follow them. If they're mostly on Instagram follow them on Instagram, if they're more of the Facebook crowd to make sure you're active on Facebook. If you can identify let's say three or four sites that they follow and they have lots of questions on there, make sure you participate on those sites by leaving comments or helping other customers by answering questions there.

Another way is to change your marketing and promotional efforts to create more value for our customers and fans. Instead of using the same marketing channels and campaigns to connect with your audience, build on the insights you have gained. Tailor your communication through that. With business accounts social media platforms provide analytics. Use those to your advantage. If you are gaining mostly Men aged between 25-35 find a promotion that will cater to their needs and wants.

Look at the world through the eyes of your customers. Once you have started the first two pieces of the advice you know what their wants and needs are. Now you need to create marketing communications that address their wants and their needs. Get to their level with your products and create campaigns for what they are asking for. If you now know where they are and what they want you should be on the right path to creating a campaign they will follow.

When you are trying to better connect with your customers it pays to interact with them in their own space. Meet them on their home field. A key ingredient in building engagement around your social media marketing efforts is to connect with your audience in their space on their terms. That way it does not come off as a sales pitch and a trust builds between client and company.

Lastly and what I think is most important to today’s buyer, show them you are human. Your customers want to know the you behind the brand. What is going on behind the scenes IT puts a face to the name and a human to the business. This also allows your customers to become advocates on behalf of your brand. They will feel a deep trust and the urge to defend as they would for a friend.

All of these Items take work and effort. Just putting useful content out into the magical world of social media and not engaging with your audience is not going to cut it. You need to be there for your audience just as your audience is there for you!

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