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Are you getting your marketing wrong?

No matter what business you are in or what you are selling to your audience, your number one job is to tell your story to your consumers. Years ago the way of marketing was selling via TV, print and radio. Those days are fading into the wind. Their audience is shrinking and every day that goes by costs more to reach fewer people. While businesses today thrive on social media for exposure, many marketers are getting it wrong. Content is important- Charable, relevant, value-driven content ensures consumers always are paying attention to your story no matter where they go. Content is also meant to be shared, passed along to the next person who may find it valuable. This creates a word of mouth that is critical to actually making the sale.

How do you do this? Getting people to hear your story on social media - then act on it - Requires using a platform's native language and paying attention to context. You need to understand what each platform brings and how each is different and serves a different purpose. However, just because you are suiting your content to each platform, does not mean you change your brand identity or voice. Those are a constant that should remain the same.

The following are characteristics of some outstanding content and compelling stories.

  1. It is native: The functions on every platform may overlap, but each one cultivates a unique language, culture, sensibility, and style that the users of that platform mirror.

  2. It doesn't often make demands: It's not about you. It's about your consumer. Be generous, informative, funny, inspiring... Be human.

  3. It doesn't interrupt: Don't intrude on consumer's entertainment. People don't have the patience for pop-up ads or intro-ads. If you want to talk to people while they consume entertainment, be their entertainment. Whatever they are hoping to experience on that platform, meld into that.

  4. Leverage Pop Culture: People consume their culture on their phones. Use that to your advantage. Create content that reveals your understanding of the issues and the news that matter to them. Don't just place your content on a mobile ad.

  5. It is micro: Stop seeing your content as content. It is now "micro-content" tiny, unique nuggets of info, humor, commentary or inspiration that you reimagine every day - every house.

In next week's Blog, I am going to tackle how Facebook is a fan favorite and how it can have a great influence on your business!

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