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4 Questions to ask yourself to boost your social media marketing

Companies from huge corporations to one person working at their kitchen tables are looking to improve their social media marketing. Digital platforms are the best and most cost effective way to raise brand awareness. The number of users on Social media has reached to 3.09 BILLION people and are spending around 136 minutes a day looking at the platforms. However, the strategies you as a brand use is what will set you apart and draw an audience in.

The first question you should ask is: What Are My Goals? Are you trying to boost sales? Expand? Generate Leads? You will need to figure out what your goals then you can identify your metrics for success?

Secondly, Which platforms should I be using? You need to understand your audiences identity then understand the different platforms. Find out where your audience is and cater to that.

Third, What is my content strategy? What type of content is your audience looking for? Educational? Videos? Pictures? You want to create content that will resonate with your audience and it should be unique, useful and shareable.

Lastly, Am I ready to talk with my audience -- in real time? SOCIAL media. It has social in it because it is not a one way street. You will need to show you are listening to your consumers and engaging. Social media offers brands the chance to create memorable experiences. Creating a brand-client engagement allows for a trusting relationship.

Since social media brands has the ability (and responsibility) to inspire and connect with their clientele. By answering these questions you can ensure that your social media strategy aligns with your brand goals and adds value to your audience.
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