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2 Marketing Systems Your Company Needs

Most if not all small business owners know they need a sales funnel. It usually does a great job at attracting new customers. If you fail to create a funnel for the current customers you are losing money. When you are heavily focused on your external funnel.

An external funnel is a sales technique where you are trying to get new leads, new clients, new feet in the door. This is created for a funnel outside of your business. But essentially it’s the top of the funnel. Most companies spend a lot of time focusing on this because they think it will bring in the most revenue and create the most buzz about your company when in all actuality, it’s the INTERNAL funnel that you, as a business owner should be focused on.

The Internal funnel is upselling your current clients. It is retaining your clients and continuing to make them wanting more. If you believe that when a customer buys something that your sales funnel is now complete, you have created a failing marketing system.

I want to clarify, You can build may funnels as a business. You can build a funnel to drive traffic to your website, you can build a funnel to buy a certain product, you can even create a funnel to send you DMs. However, once they visit, buy or dm. You are not done.

I have 6 funnels as a business. I created them when I first started and I am constantly adding to them, reviewing them and fixing them so they are the most efficient for my clients. I have never had a client hire me and I say, “Whew! Reeled one in, I can sit back and relax now!” My entire business revolves around keeping my clients happy and profitable. If I do not stick to a sale funnel within the clients I have retained I would have no clients to work with.

A few weeks ago I gave away a large piece of content. I gave my secret strategy for engagement on social media. I had people funneled from all of my platforms to my website, that pushed them to my newsletter and that gave them this great freebie. Let me share the behind the scenes for you. I create this freebie. It took me weeks to prepare. I set it up for a short-term freebie for those who were interested. ENTER FUNNEL. I posted it wherever necessary. I sent it out to my current clients and my current newsletter subscribers too. I got a great response. The goal was never to give away my free information. While I LOVE helping small businesses and collaboration over competition, that was just a fortunate side effect. My whole goal was to build my email list. Now that the freebie is coming to a close, I have this great email list from an EXTERNAL FUNNEL that I now am going to work the INTERNAL FUNNEL on them. I know what you are thinking, they are not clients yet so how is an internal funnel going to work. I already have them listening to me. The hard part is over. The stomping the pavement and handing out flyers is done. I now need to upsell to them. Upsell them on staying subscribed, following the blog, engaging on social media, reaching out with questions, scheduling a free meeting, or fingers crossed a meeting for hire.

What should be in your Internal Funnel? Upselling. You should always be thinking about how to make your product better and your services more usable for your current clients. How can you help them more and how can that be profitable to both you and them. This is a thin line to walk however, If they feel as though they are consistently being pitched to whenever you talk with them they will feel taken advantage of and find a different source for their product. You need to generate an upsell that will actually be profitable for them. This is something that is in your wheelhouse and will generate a larger ROI for your clients.

So, I don’t want you reading this saying to yourself, “Yep, I need this internal funnel. I am going to go create it through an email”. The whole hey we’re have new products or we are launching a new program and it’s amazing. Here is the price. You will hear crickets. You need to remind them of why they need the solution that you are offering. Is it going to create a profit, a solution or make their lives easier in any way? Have you been there even once since they started in your client bucket? Have they had a good enough experience with you to even want another product by you?! There are so many things that go in to creating a funnel and it doesn’t start with an email. You need to evaluate your company and the offers you currently have to create this. Do not build this funnel too fast or you will lose those clients.

These two funnels need to be created for a functional business to get clients and keep them. Do you need help creating these? Do you need help with your marketing or social media campaigns? I would love to chat with you! Schedule a meeting with me or send me an email at

Have a great labor day weekend!


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